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SPS Auction #60   Closing Date October 22, 2016

Auction #60 Bid Sheet, Lot Descriptions and Pictures


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Forum Entries

Oct 21, 2016
Richard Ascaso <

Last Call for Bids on Auction #60, ends tomorrow!


Oct 01, 2016
Richard Ascaso <

SPS Auction #60 is well underway! Over 25% of the lots already have bids, make sure to take a look and submit your bids.


Sep 16, 2016
Richard Ascaso <

Auction #60 is out. Happy bidding!

Sep 12, 2016
Richard Ascaso <
22914 E Settler Dr
I have been working hard getting our next auction put together and am planning on getting it posted next Monday. We have some very rare SCW locals, labels, covers, and I hope some unexpected items. I hope everyone enjoys the auction and remember you have to be a member to bid.

Thank You

Richard Auction Chair

Aug 29, 2016
Alison J Vincent-Davies <

Re previous, I forgot to mention check the Republican censor marks, Heller published a separate catalogue for that side and I can verify your success!...AJV-D

Aug 29, 2016
Alison J Vincent-Davies <

Following my entry just before this I happened to look back at some of the previous entries. There is a question relating to CENSURADA this is indeed a censor mark from the war; I suggest Jean-Marc Bonnard re-look at Heller with Madrid in mind you should find what you are looking for there at about 28.3.39. There are in fact many in the provinces of this type. Hope this helps even though I am no longer a member. AJV-D

Aug 29, 2016
Alison Vincent-Davies <

It is some time that I have made contact on this forum, not by choice I can assure you; some may remember me I came over to Washington DC in 2006 and met many of you. I was with my partner at that time Robert Ashby: unfortunately I lost Robert on the Q E 2 in Turkey, in November of that same year. Myself,I have not had such a good time and my complete spine has received radical treatment with a titanium cage-work encompassing it. You would expect titanium to be very strong but my first op had bolts coming loose and showing their presence in my middle mack, when this was redone both the titanium rods snapped!! over a period of 3 months.I can only presume they were over torqued to stop them coming loose. With a period of my bloods not adequate for operation, delayed this situation being put right, fortunately this has now been done and I am slowly recovering and I am able to put my mind back to my collection. Some of you may remember that I was attempting to put together a collection of Occupation period of the Channel Islands. Well I have given some reason as to my tardiness in contact; I hope that every one is well and that you have not lost any members prematurely. In the coming weeks I intend to start my preparations for rejoining your excellent body of collectors I would appreciate from the secretary of the society to let me know the new subscription rates so that I can re-apply for membership hoping of course, that I have done nothing to upset anyone ending in being blackballed. Anyway good luck to everyone and enjoy your collecting!.....Alison J Vincent-Davies of Sth Wales in the UK.

Aug 24, 2016
Denny Florence <

I see they finally sentenced some Afinsa folks from the past scandal. Justice moves slowly. I've been waiting to see any indications that the Spanish stamp market is nearing the bottom. Not real expensive stuff, but take a look at the September 21 New York, Cherrystone Auction. Post Office fresh Statue of Liberty 1938 Souvenir Sheets; want a couple hundred among others. This tells one how long some folks/businesses can sit on material. 78 years is a long time. How long has Arthur Barger been gone? Denny Florence PS: Richard Ascaso should have some nice Republican town locals in the next SPS auction including a couple items that are extremely rare.